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Range Of Calibration

3 Point Bore Micrometers
Angle Plates
Bench Centres
Bevel Protractors
Bore Comparator & Dial Bore Gauges
Box Angles
Coating (Plating) Thickness Gauges & Foils
Combination Sets
D.T.I's (Lever Type / Plunger Type)
Drill Blank Sets
Durometer (Rubber Hardness Tester)
Feeler Blade Set
Floating Carriage Micrometers & Fiducal
Gap Gauges (Snap Gauges)
Internal groove caliper
Length Bar Accessory Set
Length Bar Sets:- Imperial or Metric
Micrometer External Interchangeable Anvil
Micrometer Heads
Micrometer Height & Riser Blocks
Micrometer Internal (Stick Micrometer)
Micrometer Thread Anvils
Micrometer, Depth
Micrometer, External Fixed Anvil
Parallel Bars
Pin Sets
Plain Parallel Ring Gauges
Plain Plug Gauges
Plain Taper Plug Gauges
Plain Taper Ring Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Profile Projectors
Radii Gauge Sets
Scales & Weights
Screw Plug Gauges Parallel
Screw Plug Gauges Taper
Screw Ring Gauges Parallel
Screw Ring Gauges Taper
Shear Vane soil testers
Sine Bars / Centers / Tables
Sine Table, Simple
Slip Gauge Sets, Imperial / Metric
Small Hole Gauges, Split ball type
Squares, Blade / Cylindrical Type
Straight Edges
Surface Plates & Tables
Surface Roughness Measuring Machines
Tapes Flexible & PI Tapes
Telescopic Gauge sets
Thickness Gauge (Dial / Digital)
Thread Caliper Gauges
Thread Measuring Wires
Thread Parallel Pairs
Thread Pitch gauge sets
Torque Analyser
Torque Wrenches
Trymos type Digital Height Gauges
Vee Block Pairs
Vee Blocks, Single
Vernier & Digital Calipers
Vernier & Digital Height Gauges
Wire & Sheet thickness Gauges
Anenometer (Airflow)
Bench Power Supply
Clamp Meter
Clip-on Amp meter
Conductivity Meter
Continuity Tester
Crimp Tools (Set of 3)
Current Voltage Calibrator
Digital Multi Meters
Digital Ohm Meter
Flash Tester
Frequency Counters
Insulation Tester
Light Meter
Loop Calibrator
Low ohm meter
PAT Tester
Phase Meter
Power Meter / Analyser
RCD Tester
Resistance Box Deccade
Scope meter
Sound Level Meter & Calibrator
Standard Resistor (Individual)
Stop Watch
Tachometers (Optical / Contact
Temperature Probe "K" / Surface Type
Thermocouple Simulator
Thermo-Hygrometer + Probe
Thermometer (Digital / Infra-Red)
Torque Analyser
Wrist band tester